In August 2017, the Gasperi Family made the move to Kenya to work full time on Ekenywa and get their boots on the ground. In an exciting first leadership team meeting, we laid out the roadmap that will guide our Q1 activities. This will include working hard to develop partnerships within Nakuru to get our permits to operate, as well as with the Ministries of Education and Health to collaborate towards our goal of implementing our WASH program in a school in Njoro County.

In this quarter, Ekenywa is committed to serve 500 children in one primary school that are in urgent need of deworming and physical health assessments that Chris and Ashley in conjunction with local health officers will begin this work. We are seeking out schools that lack the most resources, and looking for dedicated school staff that are eager to work together to improve the children’s lives. We will deliver this through developing relationships with key leadership in the school and community to develop sustainable programs focused on water, sanitation, educational scholarships and food programs. We are also seeking out key partnerships with artists to incorporate creative arts programs in the primary school and also help with literacy.