Cassandra Mwangi Bio

Cassandra Mwangi

Communications Director, Ekenywa

Cassandra Mwangi is the Communications Director for Ekenywa, responsible for media, communications and public relations. She has had the benefit of diversifying her experience across both the development and private sectors in communications and project management in the last eight years, with her most recent experience being in d.light Solar, a global social enterprise company. Her work involves developing communication and project strategies, proposal writing and social media management. She has been described as enthusiastic, highly committed and passionate about her work.
Social impact is important to her, and in each organization that she has worked in she has led or participated in various corporate responsibility programs. She also volunteers whenever she can in children focused programs, as she strongly believes they deserve a chance to be children no matter what their circumstances. In her free time, Cassandra enjoys losing herself in a book, painting and music.