Elsie Mbugua Bio

Elsie Mbugua

President of the Board, Co-Founder and Finance

Elsie is the President of the Board and Co-Founder of the US based Non Profit Organization – Ekenywa. She is responsible for the strategic growth of the organization and its financial health.
Previously, she had been involved with supporting children’s organizations through education, creative arts programs and health initiatives. She participated in numerous mentorship programs in New York, Houston and London as well as educated children in Kenya – some of whom have completed their studies and joined the workforce.
Elsie is also currently working in Kenya as the founder and chief executive officer of Elcy Investments Ltd with its subsidiary Leadwood Energy to provide sustainable energy solutions in East Africa. She is an entrepreneur and energy trader with over a decade of experience working for some of the world’s largest trading houses – Goldman Sachs and J.P Morgan. She is an expert assessor for the Global Development Network and holds a dual degree in Economics and International Relations from Tufts University. She was the recipient of the Tufts Research Scholarship on Effective Development Tools in Microfinance and the Tufts Entrepreneur Award 2008.
Despite a demanding professional career, Elsie has always maintained a strong commitment to service while encouraging others to find a sense of meaning and purpose by giving back to their communities. She is family oriented and has a love of travel and outdoor sports – scuba diving, mountain climbing and horse back riding.