Holiday Giving Campaign


Collaborating, Connecting, and Celebrating

This holiday season, we are celebrating our 100th household water connection for the Ekenywa Water Expansion Project. Over the past year, Ekenywa joined hands with our local Kenyan communities to design, construct and maintain this collaborative project.

Looking back at the success of this project, we are energized with what we can accomplish in the New Year, expanding our services and increasing our impact within the communities we serve. Many more households can benefit from our Water Expansion Project, and especially with your support.

With YOUR gift to the Holiday Giving Campaign, together we can collaborate, connect, and celebrate our services in our local Kenyan communities. With your support, we can reach directly into the homes of our residents, providing clean and reliable running water connections, and having an even greater impact on many more lives. Healthier families at home can reclaim lost hours they used to spend walking for water, and healthier children in school can have a greater focus on their education.

Our goal is to raise $15,000, the essential funds needed to connect 50 additional households with running water. A gift of $120 will connect one household with piping from the mainline, $180 will provide the necessary mainline piping between households, and a total gift of $300 will provide the necessary package of piping to connect one household with running water.

Make a gift to Ekenywa this holiday season, and YOU can join us in collaborating, connecting, and celebrating with our Kenyan communities.

Goal: $15,000

Progress: 17%

Holiday Giving Campaign Goal: $15,000 to provide 50 additional households with running water

Happy Holidays!

With Love,
From the Ekenywa Team

All proceeds benefit Ekenywa and the communities we serve