while providing needed water to communities in Kenya

Picture this: Endless golden savanna, under a vast and dramatic sky, as a herd of elephants ambling in front of Kilimanjaro’s mighty snowcapped peak, a team of lionesses giving their cubs a hunting lesson. Visualize a million wildebeest dodging the jaws of giant crocodiles as they cross the Mara River. Spectacles like these are only the beginning of Kenya’s magic. From the sparkling beaches of the Indian Ocean through to its vibrant cities, and out into the unspoiled bush, Kenya has something special to offer both newcomers and older ‘safari hands!

$100 per entry! Winner Selected on August 25, 2018
All proceeds benefit Ekenywa and the African communities we serve


if you win, you’ll receive a 7 day trip, including flights!

all inclusive 7 day trip to Kenya

round trip flights included!

two night stay at an award-winning, Maasai Mara destination

2 games drives to view the beautiful African wildlife

2 two night trip to Mombasa, experience the sparkling beaches of the Indian ocean

Purchase your ticket for a chance to win this amazing and immersive safari, while supporting a great cause.


Your name will be entered into a drawing that will take place at our 5K Walk for Water Event on August, 25th 2018! During this event, the winner will be announced. If you can’t attend the event and you win the safari, we will notify you via email.
Want to learn more or join in the fun at the 5K Walk for Water? Check it out here.

You can enter up to ten times! Tickets are $100/each!, but the total value of the trip is priceless.

All proceeds will go directly to providing water to those in need! There is a water shortage across communities in Africa. It’s our mission to bring sustainable water solutions to communities and impact kids, communities, and education. You can check out our website, but we’re also happy to connect with you on the phone if you’d like to learn more about what we do! Let’s set up a time to chat. Please email info@www.ekenywa.org

Yes! Most dates are open with the exception of July and August due to rainy conditions not ideal for Safari. Itinerary will be confirmed and customized with Imperial Tours & Travel based on winners choice! You may choose to extend your stay! Thank you for making a difference and best of luck in the drawing!!

$100 per entry! Winner Selected on August 25, 2018
Thank you for making a difference and best of luck!

100% of Proceeds benefit ekenywa

and most importantly, the communities we serve